Innerspring Mattresses
Topper Overlays

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Latex & Wool
Topper Overlay 

Rolled Topper Overlay in
Sea Shell Damask*

Rolled Topper Overlay in Herringbone, with Striped Border.

* For photographic purposes, the soft wool tufts have been replaced with leather buttons, to illustrate the hand-buttoning.


Six (6) x 350 g/m lapper wool pads
& 1''- 25 mm latex rubber sheet


100% natural cotton herringbone twill or cotton-polyester damask.

Hand-quilted foam border with embroided label.
  Natural cotton edge binding tape.
First quality felt tuft.
 Imported Italian jute buttoning twine.

Six (6) x 350 g/m lapper wool pads
... three bags full.

Contents and Components

Approximate finished height:
2.5 inches - 65 mm.

The items are rolled, tied, and double packed in heavy-weight plastic for freighting, suitable for despatch by courier.

Overlay in Herringbone with Striped Border, matching
White label mattress, and Low-line base.

The combination of a mattress and base as an ensemble is the ideal sleeping surface, the ultimate: a triple-layered ensemble with mattress overlay.

he overlay became common in France at the end of the nineteenth century, often
in combination with the also-new,  upholstered box-spring.
It was highly regarded for its quality as a soft mattress, when compared with the others of the period.

The overlay was seen by visitors to the Great Exhibition of 1851, along with the then-new cotton fabrics including striped ticking, which was particularly produced for use in mattress and box-spring upholstery.
Consisting of a core of curled hair enclosed in layers of white wool, the French overlay was hand filled in a bordered ticking case and deep buttoned.

Similarly, the real beds overlay-topper has a latex rubber core enclosed in multiple layers of wool, hand filled in a bordered case and deep buttoned.
The real wool and latex overlay provides a luxuriously soft sleeping surface, and has proved an excellent addition for maturing clients who are finding their current mattress now too firm.

The three-part overlay, innerspring mattress, and upholstered box-spring were combined in the
Spring-Air Mattress by the The Master Bedding Makers of America in 1935, see below
Metric Sizes
Imperial Sizes

Spring-Air Mattress
The Master Bedding Makers of America.
Holland, Michagan.

- National Geographic
, May 1935.

Innerspring Mattresses
Topper Overlays

Three generations of mattress-making.